Friday, August 31, 2012

The Chair was a Car Wreck

Clint Eastwood was an actor I could watch and enjoy. Fictional stories and  the characters created in books and movies allow us to examine their behavior in stressed, conflicted situations so we think and maybe learn. I liked his acting. Later, I liked movies he directed. I liked his attitude in interviews. I was impressed that he got into local government. Now, at 82 he tried to invoke those tools that he had used for years and they failed him. I had to tell my Dad to stop driving his car when he was 85 before he killed himself and someone else. I do not blame the GOP, I'd have been hard pressed to turn him down. That dialog with the chair was a car wreck. I feel sorry for Mr. Eastwood and a little sorry for myself at realizing we all have limits. No one should talk down to the President of the US.

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