Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rachel Maddow is a troublemaker! Lawrence O'Donnell is out of control.

Rachel Maddow is a troublemaker. Ed Schultz is too emotionally involved in his own beliefs. Ezra Klein has a numbers and facts fetish. They are all more under control than Lawrence O'Donnell. Chris Hayes, Alex Wagner, Melissa Harris-Perry, Steve Kornacki, and Krystal Ball. If you know all these names you may be watching too much liberal (progressive) cable TV. Karen Finney and Richard Wolffe used to be left leaning talking heads, but Richard is now part of the network! It's a British conspiracy if you ask me. Mika in the morning has more patience than Job! She clearly is not effected by caffeine. Barnicle and I share a love of the Red Sox and Boston so I shan't slight him here.
I assume there is another person, my double, that watches Fox and knows the names of the evil demons that try to defend the GOP strategy, their talking heads, and their candidates. I do like Steve Schmidt, John Heilemann, and Mark Halperin regardless of any trouble they may have caused. Not sure at all what to say about Chuck Todd. I have great respect for Andrea Mitchell.
One thing is certain, the names I've mentioned here and the many others that go with them, their staffs, their crews, their connected informants, all conspire to enthusiastically, and I am convinced factually, deliver a great and entertaining product that enhances our view of politics in America. Keep upsetting the evil demons!   Rachel is a troublemaker!
ps Special thanks to Rush Limbaugh for shouldering the responsibility of making these people look good!

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