Friday, September 7, 2012

Disappointments and confusions for the simple minded:

1. I retroactively hate the repeal of Glass Steagall thus removing many controls on our banking institutions. It was the wrong decision and I offer the financial meltdown as proof! Mergers of banks in general should be very controlled or disallowed as well.
2. Any entity that is too big to fail should be broken up. (We can get past it, we survived the breakup of Ma Bell.)
3. The Supreme Court reversed, striking down those provisions of BCRA that prohibited corporations (including nonprofit corporations) and unions from spending on "electioneering communications" This action is the Bain of my existence. Money to finance campaigns should be fixed and controlled. One person, one vote, one donation of fixed amount or your breaking the law.
4. Regardless of tradition, term limits should be imposed on members of both houses of Congress.
5. All perks, monies, gifts, payments of any kind to Congresspeople should be regarded as bribes because that's what they are!
6. Some incentives should be provided for Congresspeople to move legislation through the respective wings of Congress.
7. No oaths should exceed those taken to serve the American People. Military people take oaths, Congresspeople should be able to honor theirs. ( This one is a crime already in my view!)
8. Gerrymandering should be eliminated and districts should be a uniform recognizable geometric shape. No ability to favor one party over the other should exist.
9. Official voter ID's should be made available for all citizens. They should be called draft cards and be available throughout ones lifetime so that all citizens understand they have common responsibilities.
10. Any party adopting s strategy to constrict or limit voting should not be allowed to register candidates for office.
11. A commission of technologists lead by Google, Electronic Security Engineers and supported by voter registration, voter management people, from States across the country should look into a national wide area network voting system.   


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