Friday, September 14, 2012

Not 999, but Train, Train, Train (wicked wink)

People are discouraged and need work. They are dropping out of the job hunt because they know they've been out of work too long. There is a recent example of how to fix the problem.
1994, 5, 6 were interesting years. We were coming out of a recession. New electronic networks needed to be installed, serviced, designed. Federal money channeled through the states helped local entrepreneurs start certified training centers. The businesses got employees with subsidized salaries. These certified training centers educated and certified employees for a new business segment. Novel and Microsoft invoked training programs and benefited greatly. The economy improved people got work, we sent our son to college and things became normal again. These are empirical facts. They can be checked and were repeated many times. I taught for a local business and for a major college. Demand was very great for instructors and students.
A new platform is released by Apple as I write this. Google will counter soon I am sure. An industry of app development is happening all around us. Why don't we train, train, train people. It doesn't matter where the programs are established, but that we understand that training is a way out. Vocational schools, federal money, state involvement with job programs, and major private companies are all needed for the solution. Good God! It worked before!
Any references to HK are because he's likable, not because he could run a country. (wink)

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