Sunday, September 16, 2012

How many watermelons in a hot air balloon?

David Wessell author of "Red Ink" at Politics and Prose Bookstore, WDC NE
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David Wessell's home site

More questions than I have seen for any author lately delivered by a largely senior crowd. Mr. Wessell neutralized his answers to questions that were partisan left or right. He talked plainly and understandably about the budget and how it works. We need more of this from the written media. We also need to know who is delivering what message (agenda). Use some listening and reading time to consider this review and read the book!

Who said?
Millions = golf balls, billions = watermelons, trillions = hot air balloons?

I note;
1000 golf balls = 1 watermelon
Mitts net worth projected at 250 watermelons.
Some say he may be worth one hot air balloon.
That's 1000 golf balls times 1000 watermelons and mostly off shore!
This sounds like MaddowMath or EKMath.

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