Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blood Pressure UP!

Panel: Van Jones, Robert Wolf, Neera Tanden, and John Nichols.
Paraphrase of the topics. Why do "Big Banks" not like Obama so much this year?
Status: I stood UP during the entire show.
My shallow takeaways: Last elections banks gave big money to Obama. He used a term "Fat cat Bankers" and now their gone. But, Obama has not chased bank regulation too hard (or hard enough). Massive amounts of money were provided to the too big to fail banks and now their healed first and profitable. To top it off DNC goes to North Carolina where public unions are diminished, and rents the Bank of America Convention Center.
I was a Bank of America Customer and almost lost my home (with high equity) when I lost my job due to the financial collapse. Bank America did not respond to emails or offer a hint of interest to our issues. They do not deserve customers for banks or civic centers.
Chris, thanks for bursting my bubble. Thanks for supporting the public unions I believe our country needs. These are hard issues. The Obama Administration is still the best solution for Americans even though they are scared about financial support. Average Americans can't compete in the campaign donation department. GOP trickle down theory can't govern effectively. Admitting these warts right now may have harmed Dems more than all the GOP attacks last week! Going to sit down now.  

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