Monday, September 17, 2012

Hardball Criticism for Chris Matthews

Brian Lamb will always be for me the best interviewer I have seen on television. On the grand scale between length of question and length of answer Lamb asked little and therefore got a lot from the person he interviewed. Ask little, listen big! He came to interviews prepared and when required read passages from papers or books written by the person he was exploring. He wanted to know what they thought.
Hardball brings experts on to answer questions. I assume they have some idea of what will be asked of them. Chris please I beg you, just ask little questions once. Try it. You might learn something. Give the person speaking some courtesy and not (for once) interrupt them.
We agree politically and I applaud your enthusiasm for your topic. It's not really Hardball, it's really just you forcing your presence on your panels and on your viewers. I can't watch you anymore. We have a choice now and can switch to Current for an hour. I am sorry man, but your game is Hardball and you need to let someone else pitch. Your ego is writing checks your reputation can't cash!


  1. You have expressed my criticism of Chris Mathews far more eloquently and concisely than I've been able to.

  2. Thank you Mr. Portlow. I don't enjoy picking on Chris Matthews. He ernestly supports the President and clearly loves political debate. His staff needs to "teach the old dog some new tricks".