Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Primary Day in NH!

It's 6:30 am and we need to go to the High School to vote for the NH Primaries. This is for the down ticket stuff. You know, who will be on the ticket as Governor. Who will manage state and local details of government. The polls open in our town at 7 am and stay open till 7 pm. My wife and I need to go early because we are sharing her car today. My son has gotten back to work and is borrowing mine. I wonder what the turn out will be like for NH today? Will that have impact in November? I doubt it will serve as any kind of bellwether, but I'm not that sure of these things. Will let you know what the polls were like in a bit.

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  1. We offered to show our driving licences. We are undeclared voters and needed to request democratic ballots. My wife elected to vote but remain on the democratic roll till after the election. Her theory is that we will get fewer phone calls that way. I renewed the "undeclared" status at the door. She explained the "no phone calls theory" to me on the ride home. I made a photo available in another post. Good luck to all candidates today!