Monday, September 10, 2012

NH is a battleground state 4 electoral votes

There are nine clear Battleground states: NH 4, VA 13, NC 15, FL 29, MI 10, IA 6, OH 18, CO 9, NV 6 that pollsters have identified as a toss up. I live in NH and can expand a little on this state. Have lived in Colorado and Virginia in the past and know much less about them.  
NH was a red state. Left leaning people lived in Manchester, Nashua, Concord. Small towns tended to be Yankee republicans. The Manchester Union Leader Newspaper was ultra right wing led by the Loeb family. My grandfather and father read Mr. Loeb's paper daily and grumbled since they were New Deal Democrats. I married into one of those small town families from farther north and they were republicans. When we first married I got great jobs with companies like Intel and AMD, life was good and we had early commercial success. Today we are just beginning the retirement stage. We want to vote for the person who wants to govern and that we agree with the most. We have listened to the stories from the right leaning media. We have endured Fox News and we tried hard to listen to Rush L but found him too incredible. If you are a right leaning person but a little on the ropes please give a fair listen to MSNBC. Decide which candidate will better support the ninety nine percent. Did you ever have a family member benefit from a Pell grant or federal loan guarantee? Who better to guarantee medicare payments, the US Government or a random insurance company. What would have happened to your medicare during the last financial crisis if it had been sold out as a voucher system? Consider watching Rachel Maddows' Show keep an open mind only if you have doubts! God Bless New Hampshire and the US.  

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