Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Voting Interferance

1. Women couldn't vote here in America in the past. After many folks fought over the subject women gained the right to vote. They had already earned the right a long time ago. See Abigail Adams.
2. We had poll taxes and they fell into disfavor and were removed. 
3. We had laws stopping black folks from voting and we corrected that. See the 1965 Civil Rights Act. No one should alter this law, hear me SCOTUS.
4. Now we have a political party with the will and forethought to deliberately implement a strategy to increase the length of voting lines, to interfere with the voting access for senior citizens, to target voting constituencies who don't vote right. No one should interfere with the rights of people to vote.  
6. If a party needs to build a winning strategy on voter suppression and deception then it must have no governing plans worth considering.
7. Isn't this why some founding fathers favored no parties. Parties like corporations are not people.

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