Monday, September 3, 2012

You Didn't Build it Without Help!

You Didn't Build It, was and is a theme of the RNC. It's based on a redacted snippet from some context of the President that went on to say much more. But let's double down for a bit.
Small businesses generate more of the "New and better" jobs in the country. You can get a chart to show the number of new job starts and the vast number of new companies forming each year in the US. Older effective, established, large, companies provide stability. That is, as long as there is "demand for the goods and services" offered. Remove the demand and the business environment deflates. The housing market becomes shaky. Peoples lives suffer. Build the demand and the economy re-inflates.
Many entrepreneurs and current business owners realize our current cost of labor imbalance with less prosperous nations creates profit opportunities. Build it somewhere else, avoid the US taxes by finishing it here in the US and you have a clever business plan. CEO 101 training today!
But to paraphrase Elizabeth Warren your company relies on external resources provided by the American people to incubate. Regulated high speed Internet with managed pricing, roads and infrastructure right of ways to your business. Some states like mine have imbalanced right to work laws that Protect companies
The business employs well educated people that have used "Pell" grants, family money and personal  loans. The biz takes advantage of the employees till they are no longer needed and the right to work laws sweep them away. Some states lure businesses from other areas to inflate the local economy and hopefully the tax base.
No man is an island! No business starts in a vacuum. Interdependence is the reality. To reject that idea is a mistake or a manipulation. A win at all cost strategy based on lies and falsehoods will break all systems. Why do the RNC members hate the crazy fact verifying websites? There is only one rational way to vote here. Obama is thoughtful, capable, dedicated, and has had positive results for the most people. Some would have liked him to do more. I have a suggestion; vote him back in with a democratic house and senate. That should give Limbaugh plenty to bluster about and no Republican will be responsible. Republicans have no real answer so  let him run with ball and you can blame him when he fails. lol Oh Yah! he doesn't fail!
Fighting forest fires when I was a kid we had to help pull the hose toward the hot spots. An older guy offered "McDuffee, we don't mind if you ride on the hose, just please don't drag your feet!"

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