Thursday, September 13, 2012

Israel and US relations

Benjamin Netanyahu is a brilliant politician and a powerful Prime Minister for Israel. He has years of experience serving as different ministerial posts and as member of the Israeli Army.      He has a relationship with Gov. Romney and they both wanted to take advantage of it. Gov. Romney is so eager to become president that he sought his friends endorsement. Mr. Netanyahu saw some advantage in it and cooperated. But can you be friends and run countries with separate agendas? Probably, like Churchill and Roosevelt were friends as they struggled to deal with Joe Stalin. Churchill was either upset about being ignored at Yalta or feigned being upset. So Roosevelt talked to Joe sans Churchill. There was a flap I think. 
Let's try to see it from Netanyahu's point of view. Who would he rather deal with a liberal or a conservative. His "needy so called friend" or Obama. Well, you'd never be able to push Romney around he's tough, look how he handles the Tea Party. Obama is a somewhat enigmatic academic that thinks America first. Clearly Mr. Netanyahu is correct, Gov. Romney, his friend, is the better choice for Israel.
In this election Mr. Netanyahu has no vote, no endorsement, and hopefully will have no impact on US Israeli relations other than that of Prime Minister of a great ally. His personal relationship with President Obama will come around when it needs to. Maybe he can hit three pointers, I wouldn't be surprised.        

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