Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why Romney is not winning.

With about forty days to go people are asking why is Romney not doing better. The economy has rebounded but not for people with out jobs. Companies are making profits and wall street is happiest of all because they made money going down and coming back. There have been no prosecutions for improper credit swaps and I am guessing now that's because no laws were broken. The main reason for going to Afghanistan was to get Bin Laden. Mission accomplished, but we are still there. That should be enough to get Obama out of office right?
No. Romney is gaffe prone because he is making bad political decisions. Pandering to the tea party is a failed idea. They will return to trickle down in the absence of any other plan. The fundamentalists have a huge role for Romney to pander to so they attack abortion, women's health, and and ultimately a woman's right to choose. The destruction of any kind of safety net including medicaid, medicare and social security. Letting that video get out was the single biggest mistake ever in politics, but letting his ideas be known to the money people was bigger. If Romney had not talked so condescendingly about the 47% he might have recovered.
Bottom line. This campaign includes ineptitude, bad old weak ideas that have failed, and no solutions to any of our countries problems. It's counting on lies, deceits, voter suppression, and political trade craft to trick people into voting republican. But vote me in and I'll explain the details then.
You have energized women in this country who are smart, vocal, intrepid, and  running for office in greater numbers than ever before. Jesse Jackson used to talk about a Rainbow Coalition, well they are energized against you. Even five or six old white guys (wasps for Obama) will vote and work and support Obama. Seniors do not know your name. They do know you will end all forms of social health network for all Americans and they don't like it. Union people just naturally dislike you. All we have are voters, and all you have is money. How do you like them Apples!!
ps The right bought out media in this country and had a free run of it till about four years ago. Cable TV, the internet, blogs, Twitter, Facebook have allowed different versions of the truth to be displayed. Adds on-line resonate with younger people, for that matter all people. I hope it has marginalized your money advantage.  

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