Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are you better off???

1. Financially we were diving down the DOW Jones.
2. People were anticipating layoffs.
3. Personally, I was 60 years old, too old to employ too young to retire (with out wealth).
4. My wife and I thought we would loose the home we were reducing the footprint by attempting to sell the house we built in 1982 and get an apartment.
 5. Bank America was ignoring our calls and emails. We wanted to stretch out the remainder.
 What happened:
1. We lost a lot on the DOW down swing because we fixed our investments.
2. I was laid off and at the same time found to have a heart defect. My wife's insurance covered us.
3. The unemployment insurance kept us going as we depleted our savings to keep paying Bank America.
Between UNEMPLOYMENT Extensions and reaching 62 we qualified for a reverse mortgage. The two helped us save the house.
4. We have moved all accounts away from Bank America. They were upset we arranged a reverse mortgage with another supplier.
5. Somewhere in here we started watching MSNBC but had always read the Washington Post.
1. We are both retired but my wife still works to keep health insurance.
2. We are hopeful about the stability of the reverse mortgage.
3. We face the switch over to medicare.
4. We are glad for social security (the program), hopeful for medicare, appreciate the regulations on banking that control reverse mortgages, thankful for the unemployment insurance, pleased with the NH Jobs Programs.
5. Our house is no longer for sale though we'd love to sell it for it's appraised tax value.
We would be on the street or dead without these programs. You can label them socialism or any other label you like but they worked for us. Romney and Ryan do not look attractive to us. We see through their rhetoric to their plans for destroying these elements of our social welfare. Please save yourselves and vote Obama and Biden in Nov. Remove the Tea Party from state governments and rid Congress of their disruption.

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  1. The extension of the unemployment benefits, the additional tax breaks for college education, and the first time home buyer tax credit kept my wife and myself solvent. Obama has earned my vote by being there when I needed some help.

    Thank you Obama!