Monday, September 10, 2012

Ms. Romney we don't dislike your husband.

Dear Ms. Romney, 
We don't dislike nor demonize your husband. We have listened to the speeches at both conventions, we have listened to FOX and MSNBC talking heads. We have perused the varied opinions on Twitter and Facebook. We have even read Chris Cillizza and other oped folks.  
We find it hard to disagree with his policy positions because he is not detailed enough. We mistrust him when he says he wants to save Medicare as it appears to us a voucher system is a step toward removal. We have noticed his penchant for taking positions that are most opportune for his current campaign need.  
We would really like to see those tax filings so that we can believe he is truthful. He's not a demon but he's not doing things we like either. Respectfully Submitted. (except the crack about Cillizza)  The Fix 

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