Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Norquist Pledge was always a sham!

The Grover Norquist pledge is a sham perpetrated on the American people by Grover and his lobby and implemented by the signers. A few days ago Grover disowned the pledge by saying it's not to him, it's to the American people. Well, we don't want it.

We don't want anything from special interest from either side.

Let us review. If you served in the military you took a pledge. When you serve in Congress in either the lower or upper houses you take a pledge. These are pledges you swear to God to implement. Why then do you need to additionally take any other pledges to augment those you have already made? For those of you who take the Bible seriously please go read Ecclesiastes again completely for a reference on vanity. All who have signed that pledge to GN, his lobby or anyone beyond those taken in support of our country should renounce commitments. We need serious people in Washington to deal with critical issues, not game players!

Norquist signers list.

the pledge text

The Hill Norquist Pledge takes an election hit...

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