Friday, November 30, 2012

Morning Joe 0, Sam Stein 10

Morning Joe! A microcosym of the American debate this morning. Mika, Richard Wolffe, and Sam Stein for the Dems. Mark Halperin, Harold Ford, and others for the Reps. I enjoy the show. I yell at the TV when I disagree and appologize to no one if I am too agitated.
In a sales course I took years ago inspired by folks at HP I learned about different buyer types. One was called the "court holder". JS is that guy! What a pompous ass. The panel is individually smarter than you, yet you brow beat them with questions designed to inflate your ego! It's a well worn stage play, but I know you are just doing it to provide the constructs for the American debate, right. No ego involved.
For those of you on twitter saying Sam Stein got bullied, I'd like to suggest an alternative image. He kept his head and ego in check. He tenaciuosly pushed back on Joe's criticism and exposed the older mans lack of thoughtfulness without rancor. Sam Stein is the real deal. Joe is an inflated windbag!
Why would you walk into that negotiation, Boehner v. Geitner/Obama, after this election, and drop your pants Joe? Obama wonnn! But Sam would correct me here to say that it was just to provide a point to begin to talk from.
Joe, talk less, ask small questions, seek big answers. For God's sake stop asking leading questions to make yourself look good.  Harold Ford was embarrassed for you! 

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