Monday, December 3, 2012

What is fair is fair!

Let's review:
1. We have endured the "financial crisis" using public funds to save banks and autoworkers. The banks used the money to pay bonuses while ignoring any significant mortgage relief. Ultimately we found the banks caused the FC with credit swaps designed to make them some real money even as they were protected by us.
2. During the election we voted for the guy least likely to screw us and more capable of leading the country than any other contenders. He won!
3. Now Boehner says destroy social security even though it's funded through 2033. BTW the baby boom bubble will be receding then. And for God sake don't unfairly tax the wealthy.
4. Let's work on the definition of fair. Fair to me means leaving social security, medicare and medicaid alone. Fair means getting more revenue for the government by taxing the top 2%. I would suggest removing all deductions for those earning over $275k per year just to make the plan simple.
5. Since dividends from long term capital gains are really discretionary income let's put those rates back at 90% like during the Eisenhower time period.
6. Eliot Spitzer is pushing a good idea let's levy a tax on Wall Street transactions of 1 or 2% to penalize all those who contributed to the financial crisis!
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8. There will be no peace for GOP members of congress if SS or medicare are deminished.

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