Saturday, December 8, 2012

Edshow theme: Pressure! On the cliff!

At three AM I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. It happens some nights. No particular reason just "wide awake". Edshow on MSNBC Cable TV News was on. Ed was using the show to make a point. Me, being an acute observer of the obvious, think I got it. He led with Emanuel Cleaver. A Methodist Pastor from Kansas City, Mo and the current leader of "The Black Caucus" (44 members) in the House. Pastor Cleaver said, when the Bush tax cuts expire that's 950B toward the deficit over 10 years. We have already set aside 1.2T and if "'Means Testing" of the most wealthy is applied to Medicare only then we have enough. He further reiterated, Social Security is not available for discussion. The "Black Caucus" leader supported the position of Nancy Pelosi the Minority Leader in the House. She wants to kick ass and take names. (excuse me Rev, I was paraphrasing) He seemed to be speaking to both participants in the negotiation but added more pressure to President Obama's plate.
Ed trotted out Sen Bernie Sanders of Vermont who is always willing to review his position. No on SS, No on medicaid and not much on Medicare. Sen Sanders is an independent and one of the best voices in Congress for the Democrats. I thought his pressure was heaped on both Boehner and Obama.
Then Ed had a crazy union leader from Michigan rail against the Republican Governor for forcing through a right to work law in spite of stiff opposition. This section didn't deal with the cliff negotiation but it does serve to remind voters of the election that voted in Obama and so many senators.
I wanted to say thanks Ed for the pressure. You are using your time wisely and reminding all parties of what is at stake and what needs to be done. President Obama won the election, Speaker Boehner you are probably going to loose your gavel anyway, here's a chance for you to gather credibility with many Americans, just not the Tea party. Let's "Get to work!"


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