Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shale Oil Map of the US

Here is Wikipedia's Map of the lower 48 shale oil deposits in the US. (map of US shale oil deposits). Lot's of information is available now about fracking and it's potential negative impact. God knows the oil companies understand the positive impact, profits. I also sense the republicans understand the impact of too much regulation by government. The map causes me to think about money and it follows, fewer regulations, more profits and middle Americans getting left out. I have no idea if fracking will ever be safe. But since those drilling rights belong to the country, therefore to all Americans, why not use some of that money as a bribe to the American people by the oil companies (they are used to that kind of talk) to educate all our college kids. Thus helping to solve two of our growing problems. A better education for young folks will pump health into our economy through people, creating an economic pump.The college folks won't carry as much debt. (a financial crisis growing daily).
I believe that ultimately fracking in some form will be carried forward. I'd like to see it done safely and with Government supervision. The lions share of any potential benefits should go to solving problems for our country and for a change,not introducing new unpaid for calamities that the US taxpayer needs to clean up later.

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