Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Get it together!

Dear GOP,
  1. On your watch you started two wars that added to the deficit.
  2. Your answer was to reduce taxes that added to the deficit.
  3. The group that takes advantage of your tax reductions the most is now the top 2% of those with wealth.
  4. To ensure their continued success you gave the deductions that brought their percentage below 15% tax rate.
  5. You employ huge sums of money gathered from those most wealthy to favor laws on your behalf.
  6. You precipitated the most recent financial crisis in the US by creating valueless instruments to distribute credit and sold them as valuable. Later you “shorted” them and made money on their inevitable downfall. You subverted any efforts, which were few, by the US government to restrict financial activity. Finally, you relied on the FED Government to bail you out. Most recently the bailed out banks have considered legal action to disput their interest rate.
  7. You lost an election that would have put your man in charge. You have few women in congress, few blacks in congress and no respect at all for hispanics or gay people.
  8. Beyond that, you haven't produced a decent candidate in primary or general election in years.
  9. Now I am telling you; protect social security, improve the efficiency of medicare, and save medicaid for your own good. You are “killing the golden goose”. You don't have to like us. You just have to listen to the ever growing majority and get in line.
  10. Truth be told, I'd love to see your party healthy and producing resonable conservative ideas presented by rational candidates. Make it hard for the middle folks to choose. Do that or disappear.

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