Saturday, December 29, 2012

Suggestions to improve Congress.

As time goes by complacency sets in. We think change is impossible. If enough people become aware, if they become upset, they can change things. Here is a list of things to remove elitism from the US Congress and in so doing help the flow of legislation. Not all need to be done, but all will help. We do have the Internet and social media now. American Spring!

1. Make all members participate in Social Security and Medicare. Do away with any other retirement programs.
2. Take  away the rule that says any person retiring can keep their last campaign chest.
3. Invoke term limits. One term for senators. Three for the house of representatives.
4. Reduce all congressional pay for members by 50%. Reduce staff expenses.
5. Limit campaign spending to some reasonable amount.
6. Block the techniques of gerrymandering. Fix the districts to a standard geometric shape.
7. Suggest a federal template for early voting and get it adopted in each state.
8. Empower the federal government to supply a plan to standardize voting across the US.

Please make corrections or suggestions in the comments section below.

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