Wednesday, December 5, 2012


In my life time the State of NH has had a "sesesh" movement more than once. During one term of Gov. Mildrin Thompson, I think we were supposed to align with Quebec and do something. He's the one that promoted "Live Free or Die" on our number plates. I would encourage all active military to find a way to "live" and not to die. We need you all.
Now on the current "sesesh" movement, I'd like to address all those folks in states that are promoting these unthinkable ideas. Please go here   Please examine in detail the corpses of Gettysburg. They were some of the first and most moving photos ever taken of the aftermath of war. Take close notice of the massive amount of death.  Bear in mind that these folks, some of whom, may have been your great grand parents friends, died because we once tried to dissolve the Union and then seriously fought over it. George Santayana said, "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."
During my time in basic training I roomed with two guys both from Alabama. Carl is black. The other guy had been a freshman playing for Bear Bryant and just wasn't good enough. He was big as a house and a white guy. Both Carl and football player understood each other. When it came to me, neither of them could understand me, nor could I understand words they would say. We learned to speak together just fine in a few months. Basic in the USAF wasn't all that tough back then. I still remember them and think of them as friends.
You can believe in States Rights. You can sing songs about the old south and even wish it to rise again if you must. But don't come to me with any other flag, but ours! No more talk of secession! Tell me how you'll make the Union better, stronger! This country doesn't just belong to the current generation, it belongs to a whole lot of families and people and tribes that have fought over it for a long time. No jokes about secession, there will be hell to pay!

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