Friday, December 14, 2012

Susan Rice: Winners and Losers !

It's clear a couple of aging good old boy's won one for the Tea Party. McCain positions himself to be on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after being "term limited" out of ranking member of Senate Armed Services. He traded the good of the country for self gratification. Makes sense. No one else will mention it because he's a hero but he has grown much smaller and craftier of late thus forgetting about loyalty to the Navy and thereby the country. Not a hero, just a self gratifying old man. Lindsey Graham was always a jerk, we can expect no more from him now, save that he is now labeled a McCain follower.
The President gets a push with me. I am waiting for him to reward Rice's loyalty with something else. Where can a great woman have the most effect. There is a new member on the banking committee. Maybe some way here to test "too big too fail" now that the election is over.
Scott Brown might be considered a winner and thereby the Senate Republicans, if he can win a special election. Pundits from inside the beltway say there is no real competition. Lawrence @msnbc says Ed Markey has $4M and SB has $400k. Republicans can fix that though quickly. Another shoe to drop?
On his Sunday Show Brian Williams asked Susan Rice why she was picked to talk about Benghazi when others might have had more direct responsibility. Rice took the high road defending Hillary but I think she protests too much. Was that damning with faint praise? Did Hillary use her aircraft to bounce all over the world to hide too well during the last days of the election and thereby display a weakness. Is wanting the job too much a weakness? Is being too old a weakness? When did Reagan fall apart?
So another Rhodes Scholar with a steady quick mind bites the dust. Women are losers here. The country is a loser here. It's just politics, except that someone I thought well of in the past has once again displayed his weaker constitution.

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