Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Debt Default

The following URL predicts a "Debt Default" coming to America in the next few months. It explains that the best interest of Republican and Democrat Congress people are served by this event. You'll need to endure an ad because Forbes needs more money. But after clicking though you'll get to the article. The article explains the event will not be cataclysmic and will allow us to move forward. Maybe the author is right!
I was just thinking though that one thing is different now. Everyone in America that chooses to can review voting results in Congress. Charts of statistics can be produced. Explanations can come in many sizes. People can remember using that awful Google Search and Wikipedia and all their cousins. None of it can be erased from the record. The party of No is not a label, it's a fact, that can be checked. Our culture is checking, watching, remembering. We don't like false advertisement, long lines at polls, disinformation, large magazines on guns that are made for killing, short selling on Americas Companies, credit swaps, Banks that sue the US. We are pissy that way!

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