Friday, October 19, 2012

John Sununu Sr.

John Sununu Sr. a few years ago I had a chance to shake hands with your son. He told that story of how to spell Sununu, something like banana substitute u for a and like that. He was charming in asking for our vote. Many years ago you came to Hollis Town Hall with then VP George H Bush, my sons shook hands with you both, you asked for our vote for VP Bush to be President. You both seemed like good people and you served GH Bush well and in an important position. You mattered to me and my sons, you had influence.
So I'd like to ask what happened to you to turn you so completely into a drone for Romney? I am not asking you to agree with President Obama, not asking you to like him even, just respect his office for the good of New Hampshire, good of the country and for your own personal integrity  If you can't win by making a reasonable case for your guy, then fail gracefully, but this current series of lies and personal slams on the President only makes you look like an old fool and hurts the candidate you claim to support. Cool it for your own name because right now you look pretty weak!

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