Saturday, October 13, 2012

Social Security a failed program, says Paul Ryan!

It's official, the "baby boom years" according to Wikipedia as demonstrated in a chart on US births was from  1946-1964. That's the bump in population that will challenge all our social programs. Paul Ryan says it's a failed and soon to be bankrupt system.
I remember attending parties when I was younger and everyone agreed that SS was there for our parents but would be gone by the time we needed it. Well, I need it now and it's here for me so far. The financial crisis hit us, like so many other Americans, in many areas. It destroyed the value of our homes. It cut in half anything we had in retirement funds. I had done well earlier and many years maximized social security payments. So we are surviving economically.
Here's the thing, Mr. Ryan, if social security goes away because you are panicking then so does our income. So does the security portion of the program for our children and grand children. Social Security is too big to fail sir. Just like Bank America and others. President Obama and congress have infused social security with funds that will last out through the year 2033.
My question is this Rep. Ryan;  if I add 18 years to 2012 that's 2030. Social Security will be solvent till 2033. Where is the crisis? Second part, by 2015 half of us will be gone, further unloading the system. I repeat where is the crisis?
If we had a privatized system for social security in place in 2007 how would Americans be doing now?
One more final question: If you and Gov. Romney are elected how can we be sure you will leave social security alone? I wonder if Grover Norquist has any pledge language available for that?

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